Starting With Twitter: 7 key things to know to success from the start

There are many people that are just starting with Twitter and these are a compilation of tips to create a successful account since the beginning:

  1. Name
    1. Your name on twitter will be your “handle” with a format “@nombre”, mine for example is @mjserres
    2. It has to identify you, reflects your personality. Ideally it should be your name, nickname, or similar to your name.
    3. It should be short, the shorter the better. It should be less than 15 characters in order to give more characters for the retweets.
  2. Bio
    1. It should be short, no more than 160 characters.
    2. It could include a link.
    3. It should be unique, identify you and the type of content you will share.
    4. Remember that it will appear on search results when someone look for you.
    5. twitter on search results

      This is how your twitter handle appear on search results.

  3. Images
    1. Profile picture
      1. Your profile image should identify you in the list of all the people on twitter. It should be aligned with what do you want to transmit from your twitter account. For example: have a picture of your face in a corporate way if you want to be seen by future jobs or do professional networking.
      2. It should be a good quality picture
      3. The profile picture recommended dimensions are 400×400 pixels.
    2. Heather Photo
      1. This is a great way to communicate more of yourself and the topics you are interested at with a great image.The Header photo recommended dimensions are 1500×500 pixels.
  4. Following
    1. Even though Twitter suggest you people to start following, I suggest you to skip that step and start following the ones that you are really interested on, relevant for your objectives and content, but don’t do too much at the time.
    2. Twitter allow you to follow up to 1,000 per day, but it is better for your account do grow “organically”, meaning that you should gain followers while you’re following more.
  5. Tweets
    1. Even though you have 140 characters to tweet, consider the space for the retweets. My rule is to tweet up to 140-len(“RT @handle “).
    2. Include pictures, videos, hashtags, links and handles in your tweets whenever is needed to make them more interesting and engaging.
  6. Hashtags
    1. They are useful to group tweets, to participate in conversations and make your tweets easier to read.
    2. I recommend not to start with a hashtag as it is not easy to read in that way.
    3. Don’t use more than 2 hashtags, make the tweet too complicated.
  7. Engaging
    1. The secret of a very good twitter account is the one that is engaging, meaning that it has good content that people share, answer to other people and retweets interesting content.

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