Opening windows of the soul through women eyes

eye collage and mjserresSee the photo collage in a bigger resolution

Some time ago, I received an email communicating a photographic competition that would take place in my university and I decided to participate.

When I first read about this challenge, I tried to imagine how to show the diversity of cultures that I can see in the University transmitting in addition something magical, something unique that can motivate those that will see these images.

The first thing that came to my mind was eyes.

I looked around to pay attention to the way my classmates look, how they transmit from the look of their eyes their strength, commitment, dreams, challenges, fears and joy through their eyes.

I found that the proverb “The eyes are the windows of the soul” was correct as I could identify through many of my classmates eyes  the determination, the tenderness, the playfulness and also the dreams through their eyes.

So I took the camera and started to walk around the university, talking with women from different cultures and backgrounds while taking the photos. I talked with many people who I didn’t know and the experience was incredible as they opened a window to their world.

We talked mainly about the university and why they decided to come here to study their courses and also which are their dreams about after finishing their studies. But these simple topics allowed me to know more about their expectations, motivations and also their cultures.

I found many stories in all those women that I captured with my camera. Just to list some examples, I can mention that I got impress of the pride of their culture and traditions of two girls from Iraq as they opened my eyes about the lack of respect they suffer many times. I discussed about market opportunities of a British girl who is studying English and a couple of Chinese girls that are studying Marketing. I tried to show the good side of the career of a British girl that was disappointed with her studies. The strength and determination of the Barbados’ girl that wanted to make a change in her country was one of the most incredible conversations I had. I also met a group of young girls from Malaysia whose government support them to become math teachers and one of them explained me that she is proud to become a teacher as well as their parents are.

I saw happiness and freshness in a woman from Chile and also tried to capture it and I found the same spark in a girl from Tunisia that would like to become a doctor.

I wanted to capture something from women… but ultimately they capture me.


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