Analysing viral campaigns and other interesting things

It’s interesting to take the time to examine marketing priorities, networks effects, viral video marketing, email marketing, and SEO of today’s Marketing Campaigns.

In a survey of Royal Mail (2010) most brands responded that their priorities in the next six months are acquiring new customers and investing money on SEO and Social Media.
Next, we discusses about Metcalfe’s Law, which argues that ‘…a network is more valuable the more people you can call or write to or the more Web pages you can link to’ and puts the basis of understanding how the internet works (Briscole et al., 2006) and we examined the network effect of several digital devices.

Did you know how powerful a video on YouTube is? Well, we were amazed when theOld Spice viral campaign lecturer displayed the viral campaign by Old Spice. It is incredible how a company that struggled in sales, suddenly with little cost increased its sales by using a video sharing website (Chubb, 2010).

Toyota’s minivan followed the same strategy. Toyota’s Videos promoted its message and minimized business costs. YouTube is a powerful tool as ¼ of the traffic is created by the users (Davey, 2010). For further understanding, we were aligned to create a viral video to advertise a minivan!

Toyota Viral Campaign
Email marketing was another issue brought up in the lecture. Email is an essential medium for a company, provided that it knows how to use it. The lecturer explained that the subject line should be intriguing and personalized and asked us to suggest subject lines for a promotional email. A survey conducted by revealed that three out of five visitors who search for a deal in a website subscribe to it to receive further notices via email (Everett, 2010).

During class we also discussed about SEO. We analyzed how it works, the difference between organic and paid search, how search becomes more personal and the factors that affect online visibility.


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