What lies beyond the limits? Honda

I was trying to pay attention to online ads, looking for the fancy, high-technology ones that catch the attention immediately, as I needed a good one for an assignment. After a while, I found one so good that made me stay 8’ minutes watching a video (very unusual for me).

It was Honda.

As many people, I associated Honda with cars and bikes although I knew there were engines and other things made by Honda. After watching this video, I started associating Honda with robotics, high technology and inspired people.

The ad caught my attention with the words and the video that animate that ad: “What lies beyond the limits?” “Into the unknown”.

I think that campaign was thought for curious people, trascenders with the objective to repositioning the brand into a high technical area to their minds.
The video it’s quite long (8 minutes) but it’s worth it: http://dreams.honda.com/#/video_wi


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