Is there a correct way to Succeed Online?

On our first Digital Marketing communications lecture, we examined three case studies and discussed the current digital trends.

Dell logoThe first case study concerned Dell. Dell managed to improve customer service and products by taking advantage of online social media tools (Bloom, 2009).

The company has developed 25 blogs and websites around the world so as to bring together fans, deal with customers’ concerns and accumulate ideas from both customers and employees (Hespos, 2010).

They are really good with their Social Media strategy, listening and engaging with customers, so good that they scored first on the Social Brands 100 Ranking.

ZapposThe second case study regards Zappos’ strategy is based on the
3Cs (Culture, Customer Experience, and Clothing Quality) and its main marketing channel is Word-of-Mouth, with 75% of its sales deriving from repeated customers (Zmuda, 2008).

The company’s differentiation lies on its culture as well as its vision and its main objective is to deliver long-term happiness for both its customers and employees (Zmuda, 2008). When you read articles about it, you see very motivated employees that breath the brand and do everything for the company because they feel it in that way.

RyanairThe third case study presented the controversial approach of Ryanair’s customer service. They look that they don’t care about the reactions of the customers online, they don’t engage, they don’t answer… they behave in the same way in the offline world. In spite of the negative publicity it receives through online social media (, Ryanair demonstrates consistent year on year growth.

The company builds its success upon low ticket prices, on time departures and arrivals and small number of suitcase losses.

As a result, we could see that there is no uniquely correct way to ensure the success of a business with the online strategy.

After the cases were presented, we discussed both in groups and with our lecturers the digital trends and how these trends applied to marketing. Was really interesting to understand the digital trends and the case studies to wide our way of thinking.

Learning point: the online strategy reflects the company’s culture, you only can choose what culture you want to get involved with.


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