As a marketer, I’m more aware of customer experience

YO! SushiI had the chance to have lunch Sushi at YO! Sushi. In spite of Sushi was no new for me, it was the place.

We went to a crowded shopping mall food court looking for something quick, healthy to eat and easy to get a table and we found that place: Yo! Sushi

The interesting thing this place have is the conveyor where the different dishes are circulating, so everyone can take the one that likes most. The different colour of the plates were an indicator of the price.

While I was there, I was paying attention to every single detail of the customer experience. I tried to realized, to understand each detail, how and why they done  everything in such way or order to make my time there, the most enjoyable.

And at the end, they encourage me to fill  a survey with my opinion to win  a price… and my experiences continue as I filled the survey with my cellphone. And now, that I have the computer with me, I could, with time, access to the web page, analyse the way the information is publish, the areas of interaction.

It’s great to have that kind of experience, enjoying good place, good service and great food and always looking around for everything that can catch Marketer’s eyes.

The place is great, and a I recommend it! … specially to more Marketers that want to learn how to build the customer experience from a traditional company.


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