A recipe for Success: The ingredients of outstanding teams

This is a simple recipe for success, the key ingredients to make a success team. I tried to make everyone remember the first letters of the recipe, linking it to the phrase “A PIE” and I give away some small apple pies to the audience!

Let me summarise the content of the presentation:

A team is like a pie, in order to succeed you should know what ingredients are needed.

The A in the A PIE is the Administrator.
1. Administrators are quiet, cautious people.
2. Are less concerned with what we should do than how we should do it.
3. They like to organise everything, have everything under control.
4. They like rules, systems and procedures.
5. If you don’t have a policy, they will create on for you.
6. They make sure we are doing things right, and by the book.

Bureaucrats are examples of Administrators.

If you want something to be well organised, give it to the Administrators!

The P in the A PIE is the producer:
1. Producers are focus on making things done, finishing projects.
2. They like to be always busy and impatient
3. Their interests are tremendously concrete.
4. They would rather work than go to meetings, they generally hate meetings, specially the brainstorming ones!
5. They mostly like to work alone as they don’t trust in the efficiency of other people.
6. They focus on what are doing and it makes the team functional.

So, if you need something to be done, give it to the producers!

The third ingredient is focused on people, more than on tasks.
It’s the one that makes other work together, is the Integrator, the ingredient I of the A PIE recipe.

1. Integrators bring people together.
2. They help people feel involved with the project, with the team.
3. They attend to people’s needs, views, motivators, complaints and conflicts to cultivate working environment.
4. Integrators help people focus on shared goals.

I think an example of an integrator is Tom Hsieh, Zappos’ CEO. His company is focus on having a great integrator environment, and the company’s culture starts from its CEO.

Need to connect with others or resolve conflicts? Call an Integrator.

The E in the A PIE is the Entrepreneur.

1. Entrepreneurs are thinkers and risk takers.
2. They have always new ideas, everyday a new one!
3. They are looking for changes.
4. Are very enthusiastic and energetic.
5. They are always on the move, sometimes not looking where they are going.
6. They love being at the center of attention.
7. They are expressive and very easily bored.

An example of an Entrepreneur is Steve Jobs.

Need to start something new? Give it to an Entrepreneur!

Everyone has these ingredients in more or less amount.

Success teams have the good amount of each ingredient.
The way these ingredients can coexists and deliver successful projects is with trust and respect.

In conclusion, these are the ingredients to create a successful team:
A: Administrator
P: Producer
I: Integrator
E: Entrepreneur

I recommend you to identify which of these ingredients your strengths and find people who complements you with other ingredients.

And don’t forget to treat them with trust and respect and A PIE will be done.

Note: This is a 5′ presentation I did for my Presentation Skills Module (I obtained 85%).


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