Blog Branding – what to take into account

When I created my blog, I thought about a good name to title it as I think it will be the way people will remember it… like a brand!

I thought about something related to knowledge, something unique and represent me in some way. I normally use the expression “knowledge pearls” (in Spanish means “perlas de conocimiento”) , so I though it would be a good name.

Now, all my classmates and friends remember my blog’s title. Many people told me that they like the name as it is original, musical and related with my objective.

But I also made a mistake… (learn from my mistake please!)

I didn’t Google this name before!! How could I made such a big mistake! This is one of the firsts things I should have done in order to care the reputation of my brand!

Likely, a website is a Video & Book Store! They have many topics, from accounting, business & finance to literature and philosophy. A big news area is at the home page.They also have book reviews and a reading room blog.

So, was not a huge mistake at the end, as the concept is related to knowledge instead of something that can misinterpret or stain the name of my blog.

In conclusion: Google your brand before register or publishing it.


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