Why is it important for marketers to “delight” their customers?

It is important for marketers to delight customers in order to generate revenue, improve brand loyalty as well as contribute to the product or/and service quality improvement.

In my grandmother’s days, José, the Galician owner of the grocery at the corner of my house, was worried about trying to give a good service to all of his customers in the neighborhood in order to sell more than the Italian’s grocery (his nearest competitor),five blocks away; otherwise, his customers would purchase their daily items there.His main market catchment was of two blocks radius and he knew all of his customers, each of their expectations and needs. He also used to recognize how and when his customers could pay him in order to create special ways of payments.

Today the limits are a lot wider and competitors are getting stronger every day but we should learn from the way José served his customers in order to sell more.In order to survive, (Meadows, 2008) organizations are interested in offering the best service so their customers feel justly treated and their needs satisfied at the appropriate time.

The challenge for marketers today is to find a way to attract customers to their brands as many loyal customers sometimes do extraordinary things in order to obtain a product or access a service. Those demonstrations attract other people and also news channels often show interest on finding out the reason for these behaviors.

An interesting example to prove this is the behavior of a friend of mine. He is one of those Apple’s addicts so I know his “fanatic behavior”. Fans like him, only purchase Apple devices, talk about the latest gadgets they just acquired, and eagerly share their great experiences with other Apple fanatics. But what attract my attention the most, are the (Roberts, 2010) 30 hour queues they stand in just to obtain the latest iPhone. A global phenomenon that makes more people join these queues. And this is a challenge for a customer’s patience nowadays, as we know that it is an annoyance for many people or at least for (Coxon, 2008) three-quarters of UK respondents of the poll made by the BBC in September 2008.

However, marketers have to pay attention to unhappy customers as they instantly communicate their dissatisfaction in order to find an answer to solve their problem, or at least share their disappointed with the world. Occasionally, this dissatisfaction is answered by delighted customers who give a sincere and convincing point of view.

More and more customers are open to giving feedback about the products and many times (ContactBabel, 2008,p.10) unsolicited, so businesses receive the benefit of the impartial, honest and useful feedback about their products, services and competitors.

In conclusion, I would like to say that for marketers it is very important to delight customers so that companies can sell more, improve brand loyalty, and have active customers giving feedback. And, this not only draws attention to products and services already known,but it also contribute to improving product and service quality.


One thought on “Why is it important for marketers to “delight” their customers?

  1. Hi, nice to catch up with you. I have noticed a strange phenomena, particularly with Latin American companies,and that is the huge gap between the marketing and the sales departments. Many companies make a huge effort to attract customers and promote their products only to be let down by the rest of the staff who seem to have no idea of what their company is doing. For the client this produces a credibility gap and makes much of the marketing work a waste of time. Probably marketing should begin within the company first until everyone is convinced about their own products or services, then they will begin to attend to the clients in a coherent manner. All the best. Jonathan.

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