The challenge of evaluate my ability skills

Why is so difficult to talk about my own skills? Is it because of my culture that we are a little “grey” and low profile? Or is because I want to improve myself that I not totally satisfied with my actual skills?

Some years ago, when I used to have job interviews, I had to be prepared to say 3 good things and 3 bad things about my personality. It was always easier to find the 3 ones: impatient, eager and bossy.  (And by the way, I’m working on moderate these aspects)

I had to talk about myself when I had to write the letter to introduce myself to the university… it took me two weeks!  There is a limit on being honest and vain, and I don’t like vain people so I hate to be seeing in this way. After that 2 weeks challenge I can humbly say that I’m kind-hearted, strong-minded and determined. God job, isn’t it?

But life always brings new challenges, I had to analyze some ability skills in order to presented to my tutor and publish here…. not easy at all. So the job done is here.


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