Could the yesterday’s marketing be adapted to today’s marketing and get ready for tomorrows?

Some years ago I studied a MSc Marketing in Uruguay, where I learn many things about the Kotler’s Marketing MIX (1983) as the difference between selling and marketing, the importance of branding, the impact of the logo design, how to create a slogan, how to plan the product packaging, how the location of the products in the aisles impact in sales, etc. .

At the introductory classes, lecturers told us that all that notions we heard about are old we don’t have to consider them. I wonder, what happen to the other stuff? The concepts that I learn that I consider important in order to link the customers with the products or services, like how to work on the product perceptions, the brand positioning, the effectiveness of publicity…. are still working on today’s marketing? I attended a conference (Sudy, 2010) where the speaker started talking about the “old marketing” concepts and what concepts she thought still exist in the “new marketing” era, so she opened my mind to think what are these concepts, the values that are still valid today.

I hope this module could show me the answers to these questions.


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