You can always learn something new

Last Monday we had the course of Presentation Skills and besides in Artech we do internal courses, have access to books, articles and we train ourselves to prepare good presentations, I think it’s great to assist to a course about this topic in order to learn something new.Death by Powerpoint Presentation

The lecturer explained that the process to prepare an effective presentation has to focus on 6 topics:


WHY is the objective of the presentation (teach, instruct, inform, etc.), WHO is the audience and the knowledge we have about it (age,gender, info they have, etc.), WHAT is the material to use, the information to select,  the structure to use, WHERE is the type of place, the distribution of the seats and the type of light it has (theatre, office, etc.), WHEN is the time of the day as the concentration of the audience and the presenter could be affected and HOW means the way the presentation will be done and how much it is transmitted with body language.

I found really interesting a structure presented to give the presentation that graphically it shows many of the things I had read about presenting:

B ang – starts with something that catch the audience attention

O pening –  it should answer the question to be there, showing the objective of the presentation.

M essage – is like an agenda of the points to cover in the presentation

B ridges – these are links between the points presented so the presentation can flow naturally

E xamples – are the best way to crystallize the ideas presented

R ecap – the presentation have to have a conclusion, a summary of the ideas

B ang – a final message that the audience can remember

I saw many great presentations using this structure at GeneXus’ Meetings, perhaps with different name, but the concepts are the same.

Finally, I would like to share 3 links I know from my work in Artech, that I think it could help us to improve our presentations:


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