How wide is Digital Marketing

In the last months, I heard expressions like (Kirkpatrick, 2010) “people aren’t ready for the technology revolution that’s going to happen to them”, (Moyes, 2010) “ the world is changing too fast”, (Yorke, 2010) “the next five years we are going to see even more dramatic change” and (Elliot, 2010) “Overall adoption of social technologies has effectively reached saturation” made me pay attention to everything I am living right now. How powerful is Twitter? How social is Facebook? How big is MySpace? How effective are Google Adwords? How precise are Google Analytics?

And these questions open some more: what are all the effective digital marketing tools for companies? How many are helpful to communicate with their clients and prospects? Are the same for each company? Does any company have to hire the Social Media Communicators?

I think in order to ensure a good communication with their clients and a sustain message using different online tools, the companies must invest time and money on social media. Are the companies aware of the importance of these tools or is our job, the Digital Marketers, to let them see the value of that investment?

Due to I came from the IT area, I know the complexity to get all the company systems together in order to obtain rich information, but I don’t know too much about CRM systems nowadays. In the first class of the Introduction to Marketing module we listen about the importance of measure, of knowing the customers behavior from the data. How are the today’s CRM that give practical information in order to decide? Are companies investing on these programs?

I would love to know more about what are the most used by digital marketers today.


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