Customer trapped, a death sentence

With all the technology available that allows to get in contact with the client immediately, why we have to suffer the company’s bureaucracy that made us, the clients, feel trapped into clutches of the company?

The company that made me feel in this way is Sky, that I hired the internet broadband + basic tv package for home. I took me 3 weeks to have everything installed, 4 appointments, calls, emails and chats with customer service. I tried to cancel the service once, when my patience was gone, but I realized to do this would be more complicated than wait more days for the next appointment they can give me that just matches the time of my classes!.

Some of the company-oriented answers I found were: “this is the only time I can go, call X phone number in order to arrange another appointment”, “this is not my job”, “I cannot cancel you the service, you have to call the X phone number in order to cancel the service”, “sorry, nobody in the company can call you back, you have to call X phone number”.

I never received a call from them trying to find the best way to give their service, I had to adapt myself to their times and schedule in order to have the installation done.

After the installation, I received an email asking about the service, so I had the opportunity to tell them everything that happened in order to let them know that they are having a problem there and they could be losing clients! And they call me, yes! for the first time! The answer was “the engineers work for 8-5”, “we cannot call every client”, “this is the way we do things”. They treated me as I was annoying them and of course, they didn’t thank me for giving that feedback. Is this the attitude of a customer-oriented-company? I don’t think so.

Luckily I had many days that I can was at home and I could wait for the engineer, I live 10′ from the university so I can go and come back to classes, but I wonder what they do with people who work from 9-5 and they are outside home from 8 to 6. Perhaps many of them do what a neighbour told me yesterday, they go to Tesco and purchase a channel box, connect this to the satellite antenna and buy a little modem from many of the broadband companies that are offering that service.

I think Sky, with this company-oriented attitude and the targets finding another way to have a similar service, has a death sentence.


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