What I am learning from culture integration

One of the things that I am value a lot of my experience in UK and the master course, is the opportunity to talk with different people from different cultures, backgrounds, experiences and ages.

I believe most of my classmates feel the same and to share this feeling is something that it’s difficult to express in words.

I’m learning a lot from what they told me, what they shared with me, sometimes very simple everyday things but because I’m not used to that, I’m opening my mind with every pearl of information they gave me. Today for example, I learned how Indians manage to live when the Monsoon appears every year.

And there are wonderful things that doesn’t have boundaries like the goodness of a German guy who helped many classmates to print their first essay or an Indian that always take forms and materials for others, just in case some forgot to take one for themselves.

I also learned that British are very polite and warm, like the family I met in Winchester that invited me and my boyfriend to have tea at their house, a very traditional English couple that  still work in the Cathedral. Or our building neighbour that invited to have dinner as soon as he knew we came from South America!. People in the University is also very open to help everyone, they have always a smile on their faces when say hi.

Sincerely, I didn’t expect that as I learned how to manage by myself and many times I found people immersed in their own world, with no time to stop and  listen someone disturbed, lost and with difficulties to express the situation because their mother language is different.

Obviously I met people who are not very friendly and helpful, but I found more positive than negative things, so this is why I can talk today about the good things I discovered.

I only lived 2 weeks in UK and I’ve learned all of this… I wonder all the things I will learn in the next 12 months!


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